Ecoremedy combines the capabilities of a design/process engineering firm, technologyprovider, integrator, and developer to provide comprehensive biosolids solutions.

Under the Standard Scope for a Technology Sale, Ecoremedy designs complete biosolids drying and gasification facilities. Our proprietary gasification technology and process control logic are integrated with drying, material handling, odor control, and air emission control equipment from leading US manufacturers to provide a complete packaged process for thermal treatment of biosolids.

The vast majority of installations are purchased by either a wastewater utility or a commercial biosolids management firm as a technology sale.

Each project will be evaluated as a candidate for Ecoremedy’s BOOM Services (Build-Own-Operate-Maintain). The Morrisville Project was an Ecoremedy-owned asset that processes biosolids from the host wastewater treatment facility and neighboring utilities on a tip-fee basis. Backed by Rockwell Venture Capital, Ecoremedy developed and financed the project.

On a limited basis, Ecoremedy continues to develop BOOM projects, including joint ventures, at existing wastewater treatment plants and commercial biosolids processing facilities in the northeastern United States. Preference is given to projects that maximize efficiency with other projects in our evolving pipeline. Financial underwriting and financial feasibility are heavily reliant upon the length and value of contracts as well as the annual tonnage of biosolids generated or processed on-site.

Regardless of the project, Ecoremedy works with local consulting engineering firms and construction management firms for services outside of our standard scope.


Technology Sale
Design/ Build
Build/ Own/ Transfer
Build/ Own/ Operate/ Maintain
All Process Equipment
All Process Engineering
Milestone payments
Retention 10% 10% 100% 100%
Performance test
Long-Term Contract   Transfer period – negotiated
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(TS) Project Structure

All process equipment
All process engineering
NO construction included
Milestone payments
10% Retention
Performance Test
NO long-term contract

Ecoremedy does NOT provide an equipment only offering. Our process is fully designed to incorporate all components needed to furnish a complete biosolids gasification process including dewatered biosolids receiving, handling, processing, renewable energy and product recovery, and emissions controls. The TS project structure offers the above scope with periodic installation oversight to ensure proper system integration but does not include the installation of equipment. After project construction, the final 10% of milestone payments will be made upon a successful performance test. The client then owns and operates the project.


(DB) Project Structure

All process equipment
All process engineering
Construction included
Milestone payments
10% Retention
Performance Test
NO long-term contract

The DB project structure expands Ecoremedy’s scope of services to include a turnkey installed project for the client. All other aspects of the TS project structure remain.


(BOT) Option for TS and DB projects

All process equipment
All process engineering
Construction included
NO milestone payments
100% Retention
Performance Test
Transfer period – negotiated

Ecoremedy can operate the project during a longer agreed-upon duration than a standard performance test provided with the TS or DB project models. Under the BOT project structure, Ecoremedy will finance and operate the project for a specified period before transferring ownership to the utility. The tip-fee per wet ton, demonstration service fee, and duration of demonstration are negotiated on a per-project basis.


(BOOM) Project Structure

All process equipment
All process engineering
Construction included
NO milestone payments
NO Retention
NO Performance Test
Long-term contract

In concert with development and O&M partners, Ecoremedy can build, own, operate, and maintain projects on a tip-fee basis, including end-product off-take and disposal. To qualify, projects must process at least 135 WT/D (minimum 20% TS). Ecoremedy does not provide a “standard” tip fee for BOOM projects. Tip-fee structures are modeled and negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Ecoremedy provides biosolids solutions to all fifty states. Project economics in Alaska or rural Alabama are very different from urban projects in coastal cities.

Ecoremedy will conduct a detailed BOOM analysis to develop an accurate tip fee structure as a deliverable within a paid engineering study. During this process, Ecoremedy will identify as many efficiencies as possible to reduce the final tip fee to the host.

  • Cost of capital
  • Can the project efficiently leverage staff from a nearby Ecoremedy project?
  • Construction costs, including the utility’s requirements for building type, insulation and HVAC needs based on climate, as well as seismic, hurricane, and flood considerations
  • Additional engineering required to install in an existing building or confined site
  • Labor factors such as local cost of living and potential requirements for union labor during construction and operation
  • Potential for merchant capacity beyond what is needed by the host, which can improve project economics and reduce tip fees to the host
  • Opex per wet ton improves with increasing project size through staffing efficiencies
  • State and local taxes, and lack thereof
  • Biosolids volume, quality, and variability
  • Processing of additional feedstocks, including grit, screenings, and FOG
  • Contract term
  • Transportation and disposal costs, and potential sales, associated with end-product recycling and disposal
  • Costs associated with co-developers and other project partners
  • State regulatory requirements, including PFAS