Ecoremedy provides the world's most flexible and advanced platform for nutrient and energy recovery from organic residuals

The Ecoremedy® Fluid Lift Gasification™ process thrives on the world’s most challenging organic feedstocks. Our systems deliver proven volume reduction, nutrient conversion, and energy recovery to municipal, industrial, and agricultural projects worldwide. Today, backed by one of the world’s strongest financial partners, Ecoremedy is poised to deliver complete turnkey treatment solutions for your most demanding organics handling issues.


Since 1992

Since 1992, the Ecoremedy team has been delivering renewable energy solutions for a wide array of waste streams. During the 1990’s, our primary focus was conventional wood biomass gasification projects, totaling over 112,000 kWe of renewable electricity and over 1.4 billion Btu/hr of process steam. In other words, that energy could fuel 95,000 US homes every year and 1.4 Billion Btu/hr of process steam will heat half of the Harrisburg, PA, the capital city of Pennsylvania, including the entire capital complex itself.

However, we thrive on solving the difficult challenge. Our clients were seeking a reliable gasification system to recover energy and nutrients from intractable organic waste streams like agricultural waste and animal manure. Finding nothing available on the market, we set out to create our own. Over the course of a decade, we adapted the traditional gasification technologies available for wood, coal, and waste tires into a new hybrid system.

In 2001, Fluid Lift Gasification was born. Since then, our successful commercial track record is unprecedented for feedstocks like digested manure, poultry litter, and dewatered municipal biosolids. The waste is the sole thermal energy source. There is no need for supplemental fossil fuels or blending with other biomass fuels like woodchips. Waste volumes are reduced by over 90% and converted to upcycled Flexchar™, Ecoremedy’s trade name for carbon rich byproducts with properties similar to activated carbon.


Ecoremedy was originally established in 1992 to provide organics management solutions to municipal, industrial, and agricultural clients in the eastern U.S.

Recognizing the significant technical and commercial limitations of conventional organics management technologies, the company patented and introduced its gasification technology in 2001. Fluid Lift Gasification has now been successfully deployed at several sites in the U.S. and Australia.

In 2017 the company partnered with Rockwell Venture Capital to expand its ability to offer customers the full range of options, from equipment to complete turnkey residuals handling services.


  • Ecoremedy established as a regional provider of organics management technology & solutions
  • Initial R&D of gasification technologies for residuals conversion
  • Engineering team develops and refines methods to improve recovery of nutrients and minerals


  • Installation of a 1.5MM Btu/hr pilot facility in Carnesville, GA, to process poultry litter, poultry DAF sludge, and other agricultural residuals

2001 – 2003

Technology Invented
Research & Development

2004 – 2005

Commercial Recognition


  • Tyson Foods selects Ecoremedy process as the preferred poultry litter-to-energy solution after a three-year worldwide technology review


  • First patents issued for the Fluid Lift Gasification process
  • Maryland Department of Environment completed a nine-month Title V air quality review and issues the first permits for the FLG process


  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Illinois State University identify the Ecoremedy FLG process as an effective means for addressing animal mortality from a widescale bioterrorism attack


  • Ecoremedy deploys the first mobile FLG system to Tyson Foods’ Bolivar Feed Mill in Fairmont, GA; independent testing verifies that the process meets all EPA emission requirements

2007 – 2008

FLG Commercial Process Development

2010 – 2014

Commercial Success


  • Ecoremedy awards the first five-year exclusive license for development of commercial FLG systems
  • Ecoremedy installs a new full-scale R&D and training facility at the Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) in PA


  • Ecoremedy installs and commissions a full-scale system at the Hampton Alternative Energy Products (HAEP) facility in Triplett, MO
  • Flintrock Farms selects and installs the FLG process for poultry litter management at a facility near Lititz, PA


  • Ecoremedy contracts with Clean Carbon to develop and commercialize the biochar pyrolysis process for the FLG system
  • Ecoremedy secures contract with a privately owned facility for biosolids conversion from a commercial wastewater treatment plant


  • Ecoremedy Energy Technologies is formed to begin rollout of mobile and regional organics processing facilities


  • Ecoremedy Energy Technologies partners with Rockwell Venture Capital to form Ecoremedy, LLC, to accelerate worldwide deployment of turnkey residuals processing facilities

2015 – 2017

Ecoremedy, LLC, Formed

2019 – 2021

Expansion to Industrial-Scale
Municipal Projects


  • Ecoremedy installs and begins operations of a pilot project at the Morrisville Municipal Authority in Morrisville, PA


  • Ecoremedy’s Biochar Boiler, with our customized combination of FLG process, was contracted to produce process steam and biochar products for a wood processing facility in Tantanoola, South Australia


  • Ecoremedy begins construction on a vertical installation in Edmonds, WA for biosolids waste management
  • The Morrisville pilot project is completed with historic success; Ecoremedy successfully gasified biosolids waste into renewable thermal energy and sterilized products free of harmful contaminant
  • EPA rules Ecoremedy Fluid Lift Gasification is not incineration and is therefore exempt from Sewage Sludge Incineration (SSI) regulations